Pepsi Club

Fair Usage Policy

Further Notes about Pepsi Points Terms and Conditions and Faire Usage Policy :

1. Pepsi Points are attributed FREE OF CHARGE to participating members and are NOT based on the value of purchase of the Pepsi drinks. When you buy a Pepsi drink, you ONLY pay for the Pepsi Drink of the same value and NOT for Pepsi points.

2. PEPSI POINTS are not sold and cannot be purchased, but are attributed to members based on their participation in the program.

3. Rewards, Gift items and Discount offers from Pepsi and Participating partners are provided to members who redeem the Pepsi Points are FREE OF CHARGE.

4. All Pepsiclub offers and items are subject to their availability and are distributed to members on a First in First Served Basis.

5. Rewards and Points have no cash value, cannot be purchase or exchanged for cash or credit, may not be used with any other offer, promotion or discount, cannot be combined with cash to obtain a Reward and cannot be earned from or transferred to any other account or rewards program.

6. Pepsiclub Members have no ownership nor earn interest in accrued Pepsi Points and accrued Points do not constitute property of the Members. Use of the word "earn" in marketing materials in relation to Points shall mean "collect" and shall not infer that the Points have any value whatsoever.

7. It is a violation of the Program for anyone to purchase or otherwise acquire pepsi codes from third parties, to combine codes obtained by others for deposit into a single Account, and/or to transfer or sell codes under any circumstance, other than in programs authorised by Sponsor.

8.a) Pepsi offers, Gifts items and Vouchers are limited to One Per Household and Per Physical address, unless otherwise mentioned in the offer.

8.b) It is strictly forbidden and fradulent to use multiple Pepsiclub accounts by the same individual or pepsiclub member to claim gift items, vouchers and participate in the pepsiclub program.

8.c) It is strictly forbidden and fradulent to register, login, manage, validate codes, or claim items on behalf of another Pepsiclub member (including family members).

8.d) A member cannot have more than one account on the Pepsiclub.  QBL reserves the right to permanently suspend and forfeit all points if a member is found to have more than one account on the Pepsiclub.

8.e) Although multiple accounts are allowed for the same address and family on the Pepsiclub, it is a violation of the terms and the pepsiclub program to use multiple accounts to claim the same gift item or offer.

9 QBL Ltd reserves the right to investigate any claims for any redeemable item by the pepsiclub member before attributing the item.

10. Owners and employees (including their family), engaged in the sales, dispatch, distribution, disposal or promotion of Pepsi products may not participate in the Pepsiclub Program.  Furthermore, corporations, associations, or any group in any form whatsoever may not participate in the Program. It is fraudulent for any individual or company, association, or group to direct, encourage, or allow individuals to use a single account for the purpose of accumulating points for combined use.  Any attempt to combine or transfer codes or points will result in Member’s disqualification from the Program and forfeiture of all points in the Member’s Account.

11.a) Requested, Claimed or Redeemed gift items and vouchers will be cancelled and voided, if any attempt to breach or circumvent the Pepsiclub rules, faire usage policy or Limits as stated on the product page is made by the pepsiclub member.

11.b) Pepsiclub Members will be automatically restricted from claiming future gift items and vouchers if any attempt to breach the Pepsiclub rules and faire usage policy is made.|

12. QBL and the Sponsors reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion, in the event that it believes (in its sole discretion) that any Member has violated any of these provisions.